Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Her Greenii eyes *Introduction*

Yaaaaa 7ilweeen <3333 shlooonkum ;***************** i was on a couple of blogs and i got inspired by the ideas of some wonderful stories that people share soooooooo.. i thought i'd give it a try :D <3 Hope you love mii story <3

Fares is a sweet and playful 5 years old boy ,whose living with his beautiful 37 year old mom ,his mom a7laaaam is very sweet ,tender-hearted, Soulful and extremely Motherly .. he loved his Mommy so much and his mommy loves him more than anything good in her life and she promised her self to please her son and raise him up to be a strong successful man that can face life and that's due to the death of her love of life , Her husband , he passed away 4 years ago when fares was 1 year old .... a7laaam works in a well known company as a secretary for the manger of this company Mr.Nasser ... a7laam has nothing to live for after her husband's death except for her Fares .. she worked so hard to earn some good salary for her and her son ... every morning she goes to work but before that she passes by the nursery to keep her son there til she finishes work .. after 11hours of working it was the time to go and pick up her son but it was impossible for her to do because it was late and she had those loads of files she needed to finish by tomorrow or else No salary for this month .. she took her car keys and her elegant goldish sweater and headed to her car while she's walking in the hall she passed at the manager's office and heard him


a Man : i Don't care who you are ,iam determined and i know what am doing you won't get away with this believe me !.. i'll destroy you and your company

she didn't know exactly what was happening but that guy was threatening Mr. Nasser ,.. she stood there for minutes and decided to go for her son .. she took her Son and was afraid that Mr.nasser Might notice that she went out without his permission but it was late anyway,, so she took her son to work with her it was 12 am by then none seemed to exist in the company but she had to finish the files ,, she thought maybe her manager went home ,, as she's heading to her office Holding her Fares's right hand she heard someone Breathing heavily it sounded like this being whose breathing is Troubled she started walking slowly Towards the source of that sound and she hid herself and her son behind a wall and covered his mouth ,, she tried peeking and saw her manager in misery and was crying.. she saw the office Messed up

Mr.Nasser: Why .... Whyy ...... Whyyy ... !!! *sobs* w..w..haat did i do !! ohh god ohh god please help me ...

she tried peeking a little more but he felt her existence He shouted

Mr. Nasser: WHOSE THERE !!?

a7laaam : ahhh Mr. nasser am very sorry i didn't mean too

that's when she was fully in his office and saw the dead body under the desk .. She got so scared she started sweating she wanted to scream but she couldn't she was so afraid . She Took her son's arm immediately and ran to her Office , He was following her just as soon as she wanted to lock the door he pushed the door wide open and stared at her

a7laaam: sir please don't harm us please.. i promise you i won't tell anyone about what happened

she fell on her knees with her son behind her Begging him not to kill her

Nasser : i Can't trust you , YOU MUST DIE NOW ! * he shouts*

a7lam: No NO please ! Don't please *crying * That's not a decision , COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES *sobbing*

Nasser: am sorry i have to !

He held her Hair aggressively Pulling her to the wall , she was grabbing his shirt and begging him not to kill her

a7lam: No please , it's not about me living it's about my son please !! he has none other than me

fares was sitting under the desk crying his beautiful Brown eyes out , he couldn't do anything , he's a baby he is helpless , he can't fight for his mommy he was Frightened like anyother kid in his situation ..

nasser was zoned out he couldn't think straight other than ending her life , ending an another life , ending an innocent Mother that worked in his company for the sake of her son's future , He Banged her head onto the wall , she started screaming , the more she screams the more heartless he gets ,, fares sat on the floor watching his mommy dying he was covering his eyes he was crying so LOUD while Nasser was knocking down her head , her blood was pouring heavily , he kicked her head he bashed her body with a chair and fares was still crying ,nasser was annoyed he walked towards farres and lift him up from his shirt he started slapping him , He was so heartless and so ruthless even with a helpless innocent child ! he slammed fares's head onto the desk and that's when fares blocked out !

Nasser stood there hopeless with a messed up mind distraction ,he was furious yet surprised of what he had caused for this innocent mommy and her child ..

he quickly called his wife and told her what happened , she came right away and helped him out , they got rid of the three dead bodies and threw them in the sea , as soon as they left the bodies and headed to the company to clean up the mess
there was a married couple sailing in this one dark night , farah saw something floating and a sound of a baby crying out for help , her heart Broke

she ran to her husband

farah : Let's help him please

jarah: help who ? what's wrong * hugging her*

farah: there is no time to explain what it is *pulling him *

as soon as he heard fares's voice he got into the sea and swan towards fares he was drowning and drank alot of water when he reached him fares blocked out again .. he saw the other two dead bodies , he gasped couldn't believe his eyes .. he froze of what he saw .. farah and jarah took the bodies on their yacht and called the police , police came right away and they were by the shore , they investigated with the married couple and took the dead body and fares .. they tried to know the story from fares but he was distracted and couldn't form any sentence , he couldn't talk properly so they thought that this little boy won't help ,,

farah : jarahh ..

jarah: hmmm

farah: are you thinking of what am thinking of ?

jarah : yeah it's horrible , i mean how could people become so heartless this way , did you see the bruises on that little boy , He broke mii heart

farah: what will happen to the kid ?

jarah : i don't know ..

policemen decided to take fares to the Orphanage to stay there ... farah ran to the police officer and asked him about farres , she knew from him that fares had no place to go to after his mommy gone .. He has no mommy nor a daddy , he is an orphan now ...

farah : baby we can't have babies right ? please let's adopt him please

jarah : farah he's a 5 year old boy

farah: please jarah we're in our 30's with still no kids please you know how badly i want to be a mom

jarah : *sighs* Alright ..

farah kissed his lips thanking him , he laughed .. they talked to the orphanage and adopted fares .. fares now is with a new Mommy and a new Daddy to a new house instead of the apartment he used to live in with his mommy a7lam

13 Years Later ...


what do you think ? shall i continue writing this story ? it's my first story hehehehe ;p .. so if you like my story and want me to continue just say so cuties ;**** and tell me what you think of my introduction ;**** Comment ;******


Until tHe EnD said...

wow too much drama in one post ;p but still i love it! continue!!!
w post soon please!!!

HaBaHeBo said...

ambaaih kesar 5a6re :'( i love it 7addy endemajt :( continue oo post ASAP PLEASE! :(

Anonymous said...

WOW...Couldnt move my eyes from the screen, I want to know what happens next, Keep it up


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work