Friday, September 10, 2010

Her Greenii eyes 2

Fares Grew up , He's 18 now , He's around 6'4 feet , he has this nice skin tone like a slight tan with an amazing dark brown hair that is not too long, just long enough to style it. But not too short either. his Brown eyes are out of the ordinary, like to yelowish, He's in shape and muscular . He wears a mix of preppy, dirtbiker, and nice casual clothing. He looks confident
and very polite to everybody. never cursed anyone before or ever think about using that aweful cursing language, And of course, that knows how to go up to a girl and talk with maturity and calmness... and of course never use pick up lines . He picks His own ..

one morning he woke up just like every other day , wakes up with this horrible dream that haunts him everynight , which it's how his mommy died ....
he wakes up with those agony expressions on his eyes ..
eyebrows interlocked .. his skin looks Pale

He still remember the murder's face .. he tried to describe it to the
but there was no use ... they couldn't predict anything
all they did is calming him down and motivates him o get over what happened and move on with life .......
it never made sense to him !
HE HAD TO KNOW ! why did that happen ,,
he needed an explanation to those fatal flash backs ....

he pushed of his blanket and Jumped a light jump while stretching
He Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwnneeedd while that as well ..
you know the voice that comes out when you stretch your muscles til they tear apart
hehehehehehehehhe ;***


Farah (his mommy after a7lam) : BBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOO !!

Fares: HAHAHAHA Nice one as if you succeeded !

Farah: heheheheehe The lion is
Roaring this morning , What a YAWN !

Fares: naaah Come on mom , enough with the lame
Compliments ;p
am a grown up man now *winks* .. i'll be studying Law Mom ! LAW !! MY DREAM

Farah: ..... ... ... ... ...

Fares started blabbering about him self to his mom ,, he was so excited to study law it was his first day at and his first day in uni .. he started flexing his muscles to his mommy and did some happy moves , He was out of control ..

fares: So yea ...

Fares : mom are you starting this again ,, ? !

Fares: please mom no come on ,, you don't have to tear every once in a while or more as like every day i wake up .. awwwwwwwwwwwwwhhh !

fares : Come here Mommy ..

That's when she Burst out in tears !

Farah: OH MY GOD you grew up SO FAST ! * CRYS CRYS* You're all grown up now
i don't want you to get older i want mii little fares BAAAAAAAAAAAAACCKK *SOBS SOBS*

fares hugged her tighter than ever and was laughing at his mommy
he didn't expect that it would be this difficult to her ..

Fares: Mommy that's life , i grow up go to uni , graduate , get married have kids and then get rid of you and dad

Farah punched his chest with her both fists !


Farah SHUT UP ! what do you mean get rid of us ? !!! HAAA

Fares: HAHAh mommy chillax ! hahaha am just joking com here NOW !

farah Laughed while tears still having all their way down ,, they were pouring out
... fares got dressed he wore
andrew pleated shorts and a white polo shirt ..
he ran his fingers through his Hair to style it ..
he kissed His Moms head and headed downstairs

He saw his daddy preparing breakfast for him ,, Jarah lectured Fares about his future life
and gave him some useful advice about what collage revolves all about and what might happen their with student , professors , Dr's ! .. all about Uni ..
Fares shared the sweetest cheerful morning with his loving parents
and went off to uni .
as soon as he got out of his car He saw Rakan .. His Bestbuddy since mid school
Rakan is cute because he doesn't have those rugged good looks , he doesn't have that strong jawline or amazing abs Like what fares has , but he is definitely good-looking. He has some noticeable flaws, but that doesn't really take away from his attractiveness.

they were late for their first lecture and that is a very bad first impression..
fares was taking some long fast steps to his lecture and seemed like he got lost in the uni ,,
fares was talking a lot to rakan and couldn't pay attention to what was infront of him ..

Fares: Mom started nagging

fares : dad was lecturing me stuffed happened ! ,,

Fares : God i love those people ,, !!


? : ouch ! Ahhhh *Books on the floor* Great !

fares : ahh Sorry !

? : iT's okay iT's okay ,, am all fine ..

fares: *helping her with her books and the mess he caused*
no seriously am really sorry i'll be much carefu...........

Fares was astonished , was impressed ,, was Cheee fahayaaann ..
He kept staring at the most beautiful eyes he have every seen in his life ...

Fares: Oh My .. ,,

amazement expressions were filing up his face

? : *waves*'

rakan: it's fine really , he's just fooling around right fares ?

fares: am sorry *lifts his right hand up for a shaking position*
iam Fares Al-X.... and is My Fri..Friend Rakan Al-x
sorry for behaving this way hehehe ,, am just not feeling well this morning ,, and you are ?

? : iT's Ameeera ... Ameera Al-x

Fares: 3ashat el asaaamy ameera * gazing into her eyes*

Ameera: * Blushes* hehe okay i gotta go bbye ,,

and with that She ran !
she actually kind of raaaaan away
Fares Couldn't Help iT ! Her eyes were So BRight Green ! a vivid one !
Her eyecolor is so bright! Such a strange green
she has those Cute round eyes and those long lashes.
she has long legs and sexy kissable full lips.
she has long hair and soft velvety skin with glowing complexion which doesn't always need make-up to look Pretty, and she also has curvature in the right places ,,,,
she was wearing this summerful white dress ... it was sleeveless and short yet Very Flowy

He stood there staring at her beauty and a tear roamed down on his right cheek

Fares: SHe Has My Mom's eyes ........

rakan: Aunt Farah ? her eyes are Brown !

Fares : a7laaaaaaaaam ommii 7beebtii ..
Ohh how i missed gazing into mii moms eyes ! i missed the beautiful calm world
i travel too when i she gives a glance with her magical emerald greenii eyes ..

Rakan: Farooos ! we have a lecture ! what's up with all this drama all of a sudden !

Fares: i''ll find HIM !i know I WILL !.. THAT HEARTLESS MONSTER !
He Shut Off the most beautiful eyes in the world .. he made them Tear
My Mom's precious eyes !! Rakan i Have this hate and anger in me ! since i was a kid ,,
i'll Poke his eyes with my Own Fingers !

Rakan : CALM DOWN ! * grabbing both fares's shoulders*
Calm down buddy , comhere ,,

he gave his friend a warm hug and went to his lecture , they were 30 minutes late ,,
but since it's their first day the Dr. forgave them both ,,, and for his surprise
ameera shared this class with him ...

***** Next morning :

fares has this class for today ,,
he went early just to sit next to her ,, and succeeded to sit next her ...
she gave him weird looks ,, and he did nothing but stare at her eyes ..
she got annoyed and a little afraid ..

Fares: Hiii ...

Ameera : *ee7mm* Hey

Fares: ameera ...

Amera: hmmm

Fares: what a beautiful name you have ..
esemen 3la musama ..

amera: *Blushes* thanks ..

fares: ameeraa ..?

amera: Hmmm ..

Fares: ... ... ...... uhh ,,,,,

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